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If I have information that you don't have, how can I share it?
If I have information that you don't have, how can I share it?
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PDFs and other digital files can be e-mailed to If you have a bunch of papers, we can meet at our office. We have a high-speed scanner. What type of disciplinary histories do you have access to, and where did they come from? If you have a lot of documents, we can discuss how to intake all the information. If you would like to communicate with us with a greater degree of anonymity and security, you can safely share tips, information and documents with the Invisible Institute in two ways:

Send printed documents to:  

P.O. Box 15459
Chicago, IL 60615 

In order to ensure your anonymity, you may electronic documents or other files through SecureDrop, an encrypted submission system designed for anonymous communication between sources and journalists. In order to ensure secrecy, SecureDrop is only accessible via the Tor network. When using SecureDrop, your computer’s IP address will not be recorded.

To use SecureDrop, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install TorBrowser or other software to access the Tor network.

  2. Once you launch the TorBrowser, copy and paste the address http://uhuak5r55e4lic7e.onion/ into the address bar, then hit enter and follow the instructions that appear on your screen after SecureDrop has loaded.

  3. You will be assigned a randomly generated and unique codename. Write down your codename and store it safely. You will need it to login again if you want to check for a response from the Invisible Institute.

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