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How current is the data?
How current is the data?
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The data displayed on CPDP spans from 1988 to 2018. We regularly request updates to our existing dataset from the City of Chicago. We are also collecting contextual documents about police misconduct, including settlements in civil suits and Chicago Police Board findings.

Some investigations that we know to have concluded are still listed in our data as “open.”

For example, there is a complaint filed against Officer Robert Drell, who was the subject of a misconduct allegation in May 2009. You can view the data we have under the  CRID 1062099. The Category, Finding, and Final Outcome of this allegation are “Unknown.” However, Officer Drell was suspended in October 2014 and had a hearing in front of the Chicago Police Board in January, 2015. The Board found him not guilty, and Officer Drell was reinstated as an officer, with back-pay, on March 19, 2015. 

We discovered this discrepancy by matching CRID numbers from Chicago Police Board documents to allegations we have. We are certain there are other departures as well.

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