We believe that honest, transparent data can support powerful reforms, but we recognize the limits of our data. We publish the city’s records without alteration, except for minor typos and spelling errors. As we identify information needs and develop new sources, we also develop internal protocols for ensuring the integrity of the data we publish. This includes having lawyers and investigative journalists read and validate the data, cross-referencing data against other official sources, and filing new requests to correct data we suspect to be outdated or incorrect.

If you believe there is an error or problem with the data, please report it to us. We will verify that the website accurately reflects the data the city provided to us. We will also alert the city’s Freedom of Information officer to the potential mistake and ask them to provide us with an update if necessary. 

However, we will not modify the data set to reflect user-submitted corrections. We cannot guarantee that all the data is accurate or current.

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