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What are Tactical Response Reports (TRR)?
What are Tactical Response Reports (TRR)?
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Tactical Response Reports are forms filed by Chicago Police officers, typically after an officer uses force. Incidents Requiring the Completion of a TRR

A TRR documents the actions of an officer and civilian subject in an encounter where the officer used a substantial physical force or the civilian alleged that they were injured by the officer. CPD directives call for officers to assess the level of resistance that a person is displaying (ranging from not following officer commands to threatening an officer with deadly force) and to respond with an appropriate level of force. TRRs are reviewed and approved by CPD supervisors, including the Force Review Unit.

CPD substantially rewrote their use of force rules in 2017 following the Laquan McDonald protests. This included updating the TRR form and requiring officers to provide more information about use of force incidents. There is also a TRR - Investigation report that may be completed by a supervisor reviewing the incident.

The use of data found in TRRs is self-reported by officers and likely does not reflect all force used by the department.

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